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We are proud of the fact that we deliver exceptional plumbing services at a fair, affordable rate.  The best type of marketing that has served us well is the recommendation from our satisfied customers.

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Sonia R.

5 out of 5 stars

Hunter was able to troubleshoot and repair my pipes and in a couple of hours I had running water once again. This was not an ordinary day it had snowed the day before and he was able to drive on the icy roads. I am going to use Georgia Plumbing in the future without hesitation.
Feb 13, 2018

Chatoris J.

Hunter did an excellent job! He was very responsive in contacting and explaining the issue I was facing. I was able to stay within my budget and he was very unfront about the costs. If you want quality work done, hire Georgia Plumbing Company!
Jan 25, 2018

Riley D.

Hunter and his team did a great job. They cleared our very clogged main drain when everyone else’s solution was to “replace all the cast iron” after they couldn’t clear it. He and his team also installed a clean-out for easier access in the future. They didn’t leave until the job was done and for a very reasonable price. I would hire them again and would recommend.
January 10, 2018